The calm after the storm...

I quietly undid the straps around each canoe before sliding them gently off the back of the trailer and onto my shoulders, the canoes perched atop my head like some ridiculous hat. With each one placed half on and half off of the water I contemplated the upcoming trip. 

It was starting to brighten over the Petersham Hotel and the last bout of thunder had been approximately 15 minutes earlier, 'that's OK, another 25 minutes before the group were due to arrive' I thought, 'definitely good with the 30:30 rule'. For those who don't know, the 30:30 rule states that we go back on the water once the lighting is 30 seconds away and we've waited a further 30 minutes.

The next job was going to be paddles and PFD's and then I got the call.... "we're going to have to cancel due to the rain." I quietly flipped the canoes up and over and then walked my hands towards the centre along the gunwales so that I could lower the yoke onto my shoulders before turning and sliding the canoes back on to the trailer. All but one... I was not about to let the opportunity to paddle go by.